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Frequent security incidents, where is the development of mobile power?



The popularity of power banks has become a well-known fact. Among the sales of RMB 35.019 billion announced by Taobao on Double Eleven, the number of mobile power products alone sold as high as one million units. attention. However, compared with the booming sales, the frequent occurrence of accidents makes people question the safety of mobile power supplies.

A few days ago, "Yangtze Evening News" exposed the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion when consumers used a certain brand of mobile power. The incident was reproduced by the media and immediately attracted the attention of the mobile power industry and consumers. According to the report, the mobile power supply of a certain brand purchased by Ms. Wang of Nanjing City at the Dazhou Digital Store in Taobao, Guangzhou, suddenly made a "puff" sound when she was shopping and resting. The fire caught fire in an instant, but fortunately no casualties were caused, only a big hole was burned in the bag.

Not long after the incident was exposed, the Shanghai Quality Supervision Department also began to pay attention to the quality of mobile power supplies, and then randomly checked 22 batches of mobile power supply samples, of which 13 batches of samples had potential safety hazards. During the test, some The mobile power supply even burst and caught fire. Such products seriously threaten the personal safety of consumers, including some well-known brand products.

Due to the frequent occurrence of unsafe incidents caused by the quality problems of mobile power supplies, the frequent occurrence of accidents has attracted great attention from the industry.

   Mercenary, hidden tricks

"Buy the battery core, circuit board, and then install the casing, and then assemble it into a mobile power supply immediately." Liao Linwei, head of Zhongshan Pineng Battery Co., Ltd., told reporters. Due to the relative concentration of the mobile power industry chain, without technology, it is only necessary to purchase the corresponding components to easily complete the assembly of a mobile power supply. Coupled with the large gap in the mobile power supply market, the profit is as high as 50%, attracting a large number of manufacturers to enter the industry.

Behind the hot industry, there are a lot of tricks hidden. The main components of a mobile power supply are batteries, circuit boards, and casings. In terms of batteries, it is mainly divided into two types: 18650 lithium-ion batteries and polymer batteries. Polymer is stronger than 18650 in terms of safety and performance, but the price is also slightly higher. Most of the batteries used in mobile power supplies currently on the market are 18650. According to the reporter's understanding, 18650 batteries are divided into Type A batteries and Type B batteries according to their quality. Class A batteries refer to brand-new products produced by regular manufacturers, and their quality is safe and reliable; while Class B batteries mainly refer to recycled second-hand batteries and foreign garbage batteries. The quality and safety of such batteries cannot be guaranteed. Type A and Type B, in addition to the difference in quality, their prices also differ by about 50%, which is also the tricky place for counterfeit manufacturers to pursue huge profits. According to statistics, in the past mobile power spontaneous combustion incidents, most of them used 18650 class B batteries.

Wang Zhibin, an expert in new energy research at the Department of Chemistry of Nanjing University, told the reporter, “The main component of 18650 lithium ions is electrolyte, and electrolyte is an organic compound. cause spontaneous combustion or explosion."

In terms of circuit boards, there are also some problems that cannot be ignored. Is the charging of the mobile phone stable and can it protect the charging of the mobile phone? These are all integrated on this seemingly small but vital circuit board. Earlier, a domestic user posted on Weibo that after charging his mobile phone with a mobile power supply, the mobile phone went black with no display. Later, after professional testing, it was found that when the mobile power supply was charging the mobile phone, the current was too large, which burned the mobile phone.

In terms of casings, “Counterfeit manufacturers often use “male models” in order to save costs and increase profit margins, which is why you can see so many mobile power banks with the same appearance on Huaqiangbei and Taobao.” Wu Yijie, the person in charge of Paike mobile power, told the reporter, "A male model shell costs only three to five yuan, and even less than one or two yuan, you can also buy it. And if you want to develop a private model, The cost from shape design to mold opening is as low as 30,000 to 50,000, and as high as 30,000 to 50,000." In addition to being beautiful and stylish, the shell of the mobile power supply also plays a role in protecting the battery core and preventing electromagnetic radiation, so its structure, material selection and thickness are crucial, and the "male model" shell is difficult to do.

    Emerging markets, besieged

As an emerging industry, the mobile power market has an undeniable market prospect, but the crisis of brand trust is intensifying. Facing the huge cake of mobile power supply, domestic manufacturers flocked to it. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 5,000 mobile power manufacturers in China, and among these manufacturers, there are less than 300 mobile power brands, most of which are small workshop-like counterfeit manufacturers. However, behind the rapid expansion, hidden hidden security risks. Some unscrupulous manufacturers, that is, the so-called counterfeit mobile power supply manufacturers, completely ignore the safety of consumers, blindly pursue huge profits, ignore product quality, and have no brand guarantee. Facing the hot-selling mobile power, who will protect the interests of consumers?

    Difficulties, where is the way

The vivid cases can be described as shocking. The magic weapon that was supposed to make our life more pleasant and convenient has become an out-and-out weapon that hurts people. Unfortunately, consumers who bought these products have to bear the double burden of body and mind. Crackdown, how can a consumer who has been "bombed" by a mobile power supply still have a good impression of it? Do you still dare to use mobile power easily? Would you still consider it essential? The power of human words surpasses everything, and the eyes of the masses are discerning. The panic about the quality of mobile power will trigger a greater crisis of trust, which will directly affect the healthy development of some mobile power manufacturers. According to data analysis, some companies are already facing bankruptcy. If you don't come up with a solution, the entire mobile power market will be dying, and the consequences will be disastrous!

Recently, the reporter randomly interviewed some consumers, and most of the interviewees have a demand for mobile power. However, when choosing to buy a mobile power supply, a common voice appeared on these consumers. "In the market, there are a variety of mobile power supplies on the Internet, with different prices and capacities ranging from 2000mAh to 50000mAh. I really don't know how to choose when buying?"

It is not only consumers who are confused, but also agents. According to Mr. Chen, an agent in Zhengzhou, "I have been in the Zhengzhou science and technology market for more than ten years. I made mobile phone batteries and related accessories in the early days, but now there is no market for batteries. Seeing that mobile power is very popular, I just I want to be an agent of some mobile power, but there are so many products and brands, how to choose? After all, mobile power is dangerous, and if there is an accident, it will be impossible to go around.”

Faced with the confusion of consumers and agents, the reporter contacted Mr. Zhang Hao, general manager of Scud Battery Co., Ltd. When the reporter pointed out the impact of the current chaos in the industry on the manufacturers, Mr. Zhang Hao also expressed his confusion as a manufacturer: "As a well-known brand, Scud was the leader in the mobile phone battery industry in the early years. The main reason is that its quality is safe and reliable. Nowadays, mobile power scud also adheres to the principle of quality first and is responsible to consumers. After all, inferior mobile power has certain dangers. But in the face of some bad competition in the current market , such as false labels, the use of low-quality batteries, etc., have greatly affected the sales of Scud in mobile power supplies, but Scud will not lower its quality requirements because of this, but will pay more attention to it. Only in this way can the brand of Scud stand out. People's hearts are thriving. We believe that the current mobile power market is disordered, manufacturers cannot operate healthily, and development is struggling, and the mobile power industry is bound to face a reshuffle."

In the face of crisis, are we really helpless? Facing the huge mobile power market, do we really want to see it being dragged down by some unscrupulous traders? Are we really powerless to change? Where is the long road to mobile power? We would like to ask the relevant departments in charge, experts from industry associations, and leading companies when they will be able to provide consumers with a guarantee of rights and interests and a satisfactory solution.

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