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ELITOP officially put into production electric vehicle lithium battery



Since its establishment in 2003, ELITOP has devoted itself to the design and manufacture of various lithium-ion battery packs and has achieved fruitful results. At the same time, ELITOP always pays attention to the latest development and application of lithium batteries in various aspects, constantly improves and innovates, and develops the latest lithium battery products to meet the different needs of consumers.

In recent years, the electric vehicle market has been booming, and lithium electric vehicles have become the focus of development due to their advantages of portability and environmental protection. The market prospect of lithium batteries is very promising.

The company introduces the most advanced development and production equipment, adopts unique process design, adheres to the business purpose of adhering to quality first, service first, continuous innovation, and continuous operation, designs and manufactures high-quality battery products to repay the society, and gives back to many people at home and abroad over the years Customer recognition and support.

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