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Where have the batteries gone?


When the environmental slogan screams, it is necessary for us to constantly retrieve whether our behavior is in harmony with the slogan. Is it mixed with the noise of carrying some commercial private goods?

As the various spells against the environment have come on stage, electric cars with a dazzling coat have been stealing the mirror from time to time, and even have a taste of being a savior. Electric cars don't drink gasoline and diesel. There is no hateful exhaust pipe behind the buttocks. The noise emitted when driving is also slightly whispered. It is like an old man who is always coughing like an old man... It seems that he can't find it. The reason for accepting electric vehicles is that the so-called electric cars are “green cars, and the prospects are promising.” The words are so savvy. Therefore, we also understand that “the limited-brand policy, pure electric cars are not in use. How is the practice of limiting purchases? It can be expected that a city full of charging piles is coming soon.

Behind the extremely glamorous surface, is there any hidden worry? Undoubtedly, before the perpetual motion machine has not been invented, any drive device must consume energy. In essence, all the things that need to consume the earth's resources are a big tail wolf for the human environment. The electric energy of an electric vehicle is stored in a battery, and it is charged with electric energy, and it supplies power to the driving motor, which is regarded as the gastrointestinal liver and kidney of the whole vehicle, which is not an exaggeration. The fate is that this thing is particularly short-lived, and its lifespan is far less than the life of human organs. Especially the current widely used lead-acid batteries, the whole car looks quite new, far less than the end of life, the battery is due to Energy storage attenuation, has lost the life of recycling, can only be abandoned, with new.

Yes, the exhaust of the traditional car is discharged into the sky. It allows us to eat enough smog. But this time, the waste battery of the electric car can’t be on the ground, it can only enter the ground, but it can’t be like a bunch of ordinary The domestic garbage is slowly degraded, and it can't be lost for 10,000 years. So where are they going?

The soldiers will block and the water will cover the earth. This is one of the good ideas in the minds of the Chinese. In the mist, some people came up with the way to live in a plastic cover, go shopping, or wear a mask and a gas mask. Then, to deal with the waste vehicle battery accumulated in astronomical figures, what method do we take to win the ticket?

A friend who has been researching electric vehicle batteries for many years told me that in fact, the drawbacks of car batteries are not only the pollution of a large number of scrapped batteries, but also the terrible hazard in the battery manufacturing process: lithium metal electrolyte in the manufacturing materials, powerful Flux, cobalt metal and the like are carcinogens; the influence of lithium iron film materials necessary for the manufacture of batteries on living things cannot be ignored; the large amount of carbon dioxide emissions generated during the production of batteries is equally terrible. Even sodium-sulfur batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, fuel cells, etc., which are being developed, are inevitably polluted during their manufacture and use. In addition, can you ignore the power consumption when charging or powering the battery? Can we avoid the huge pollution in the refining and production of battery manufacturing materials? Can numbness increase the amount of power generated, does coal and gas consume environmental damage when consumed?