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Identify the advantages and disadvantages of dry batteries "three steps"


In daily life, a few dry batteries are installed in remote controls, radios, flashlights, and electric toys. Some citizens will find that some batteries cannot be used for a short time. On how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of dry batteries, the reporter interviewed Sun Yundong, an expert from the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute.

  According to experts, the batteries commonly used by people in remote control, radio and other equipment are generally alkaline alkaline batteries. The commonly used batteries are No. 1, No. 2, No. 5 and No. 7. You can easily identify the pros and cons of the battery by:

  Look at the price. The price of dry batteries is relatively good. Don't be tempted to buy batteries at unlicensed and unlicensed vendors. These batteries are not only used for a short period of time, but also have hidden dangers of liquid leakage and environmental pollution.

  Two weights. The same type of brand, the same type of dry battery, can be placed on the electronic scale, the quality of the battery is much heavier than the poor quality battery.

  Three check the appearance. Excellent dry battery, the label will be marked with the trademark, manufacturer, battery model, nominal voltage, battery polarity, production date, shelf life, implementation standard number, and workmanship is exquisite, clean and clean, no leakage. At the time of purchase, you can also check whether the words “no mercury”, “0% mercury” and “no mercury added” are marked on the product.